Take advantage of these tools to help enhance your development with MonkCMS.

System Tools

These tools can be used on any client site to assist in implementation or debugging. The following parameters can be added to the query string at any time. A cookie is set so that any changes will only display locally.

Clear Cache

The entire cache will be cleared.


Cache Expire

Cached items older than 30 days will be deleted. Cached event calls older than 2 days will be deleted. A report will be returned in JSON format detailing the number of cache files kept and removed as well as to which module those items belong. 

An optional string can be sent to specify how many seconds the cached items should be kept for. This is helpful if you want to adjust the default of 30 days.


/monkcms.php?cacheexpire=86400Disable Cache

No content will be pulled from the cache and nothing is written to cache files.


Force Cache

This will override any nocache tags entered into getContents.


Show Cache Status

Every getContent will display if it was pulled from the cache or the API and if it came from the API if it was then cached.


Load Times

Every getContent will display the time in seconds it took to complete the request. 


To disable all tools


Combining Tools

Tools can be used together, for instance:



Coding Tools

PHP/Monklet Converter

Convert your PHP code into a Monklet and vice versa with the PHP/Monklet Converter