MonkCMS Developer Resources

This site is intended to provide both new and experienced developers with quick access to the information they need to build sites using MonkCMS.


A sample gitignore for MonkCMS/ Ekklesia 360.

An introduction to the structure and benefits of MonkCMS

Setting up your templates, web server file structure, the Starter Set, recommended conventions and workflow

Making your templates available to MonkCMS

The API function that exists to serve your every need.

The relationship between MonkCMS URLs and Templates

How Blogs, Galleries, Book Lists and other modules generate output based on URL.

Unleash the power and flexibility of the Monklet.

This is a walk through on how to add a new site to the CMS.

Information on using the CMS and where to find CMS help resources.

Modules Explained

Information about the feeds module in the CMS as well as different feeds that are automatically generated by the CMS.

An overview for the form module capabilities and implementing forms for your site.

This article describes how to register templates with the CMS as well as how to use templates.

Advanced Topics

Information about Ministry Brands Endpoints

Handle account suspension and termination via this Site option.

Allow implementers to generate different size images on the fly from the client site by passing arguments to the __image__ and __imageurl__ tag. This arguments can be width, height, maxWidth, maxHeight and preset. The preset can be set in the backend under the Media module.

Content management systems like MonkCMS have to balance a fine line between offering enough fields for the majority of sites without becoming everything to everybody (which never ends well). We like to think MonkCMS has done this well, but there are inevitably sites that need fields outside of the scope MonkCMS has defined. Custom Fields solves this problem by allowing sites to add their own fields for capturing values to be displayed on their site.

Control your site's behavior with one of the best Javascript frameworks on the planet

Tailor the Content editor to your site's look and feel

Bring in maps of your locations dynamically.

Information about how to populate and use the integrated help.

Explains general requirements and policies for third party servers as well as some tips for troubleshooting.