New Media Player

Sep 01, 2011 | Shane Bonham

We are planning a major upgrade to the default media player used by the CMS. This new player will integrate both audio and video, have support for playlists, album art, HTML5 fallback, and will just generally look more up to date than the player we have been using. Here are a couple of screenshots:

We're planning to make this the default player the first week of October. In the meantime, you can try it out using the transitional tags __audioplayerNEW__ and __videoplayerNEW__ (TinyMCE content areas will continue to use the old player until after the switchover). Those tags will go on working indefinitely, and when we do the switchover, the existing tags, __audioplayer__ and __videoplayer__ will begin returning the new player as well. The old players will be available using __audioplayerOLD__ and __videoplayerOLD__.

Here are some of the new attributes you can use with the new player tags:

  • width: sets the width of the player in pixels.
    Example: width='640'
    (default: 400)
  • height: sets the height of the player in pixels.
    Example height='480'
    (default: 300)
  • autostart: sets whether the player should start playing as soon as it's loaded.
    Example: autostart='false'
    (default: true)
  • playlist: sets whether the playlist should show.
    Example: playlist='false'
    (default: true)
  • linktext: sets the link text for the player link (the tag returns the entire anchor element).
    Example: linktext='Play Audio'
    (default: Launch Player)
  • image: sets the image that should be used if there is no sermon/article or series image.
    Example: image='' (be sure to use full path)
  • overrideImage: forces use of an image, regardless sermon/article/series images.
    Example: overrideImage=''
    (default: null)

We're intentionally giving you a full month to notify your users, test the new player and perform any updates necessary to to client sites to make the switchover seamless. As always, please let us know if you have any questions about this change or anything else via our support site: