Site API

by Skyler Katz | Last edited: 10/28/2019

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Tag Description
__logourl__ URL of the site logo.
__tagline__ Site footer tagline.
__trackingcode__ Tracking code script.
__timezone__ The timezone of the site. I.E. America/Los_Angeles
__timezoneoffset__ The timezone offset from GMT.
__islive__ Returns a space (" ") if the site is live, and nothing if not.
__isstaging__ Returns a space (" ") if the site is not live, and nothing if it is.
__isterminated__ Returns a space (" ") if the site's Billing Status is Terminated or greater, and nothing if it is.
__googlemapsapi__ Google Maps API Code as entered on the Integrations tab of the site admin screen. 
__facebookaccesstoken__ The access token for a site that has integrated with Facebook. This token should only be used in PHP code and should not be exposed via JavaScript.

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Tag Description
__code__ Custom CSS for the site.