Newsletters API

by Justin Bodeutsch, Skyler Katz | Last edited: 1/24/2020

Display mode: newsletter


Tag Description
__title__ Gets the Name of the newsletter
__subject__ Gets the subject of the newsletter
__text__ The main newsletter content
__replytoemail__ The email address that replies will be sent to
__webviewURL__ Output the url of the newsletter to view it in the browser (must create the anchor tag yourself)
__unsubscribeURL__ Output the url for the subscribed user to be unsubscribed from future newsletters (must create the anchor tag yourself)

  "show:<div id='text'>__text__</div>",
  "show:<p>Tired of emails? <a href="__unsubscribeURL__">Click here!</a></p>",
  "show:<p>Looks ugly?<a href="__webviewURL__">Click here!</a></p>"

Newsletters can optionally use the pages API to display on templates.

Newsletter Signup

There is also an API to add a newsletter signup form to a site. Any users that sign up with this form will be added to the Newsletter group in the CMS.

Newsletter sign up uses the "members" tag and display:join.


    "show:<label>Newsletter Signup</label>",



Defines the group(s) that the user will be added to. Accepts, the slug of the group name. For multiple groups, separate the names with a comma. See the 'select' parameter to see options for how the user will decide which group to join.




If multiple sign up forms are included on a page, id should be used to prevent any conflicts.



Right now, only accepts 'names'. This will add additional form elements for first and last name.


If multiple groups are defined there are three ways they can be handled.

  1. If select is omitted, the user will be assigned to all groups
  2. If 'select:dropdown' is used, the user will be presented with a select dropdown and many select one group.
  3. If 'select:checkboxes' is used, the user will be presented with checkboxes and may select as many groups as they would like.


The image that will be used for the submit button.



The text that will be shown on the submit button. submitimage will override this.



Changes the default text in the text box.



The page the the user will be taken to after entering a valid email address.



There are no tags for show, but any text entered in will be displayed directly before the form.

"show:<label>Newsletter Signup</label>",