Feeds Overview

by Benson Lee, Chris Ullyott | Last edited: 12/12/2017

Feeds Module

Found under Connect > Feeds, you can read about using the module at the MonkCMS Help site.

CMS Generated Feeds

Sermons: sermons.xml is published to the media folder when a sermon is created or edited. This xml file is compatible with most feed readers and iTunes friendly.

Articles: articles.xml is published to the media folder when an article record is created or edited.

Blogs: blog-slug-here.xml is published to the media folder when a blog post is created or edited. A separate xml feed is generated for each blog in the CMS.

Events: An .ics file is published to the media folder for each feed (the file name being a slugged version of the title), and updated whenever an event is modified. To control these files from becoming too large, only the previous month and the next six months of events are included. Instead of linking with "http://" — which causes a browser to download a static copy of the .ics file — "webcal://" should be used to prompt the browser to subscribe to the feed in their calendar app. Subscribing is vital because the calendar app will then fetch updates to the feed every so often (usually configurable). Importing a downloaded .ics file creates a static version of the calendar that is not kept up-to-date.

Site Map: sitemap.xml is updated to the root folder every time a new page is added or a change is made to the navigation module.

Galleries: ssp-gallery-slug-here.xml is published for every photo gallery in the CMS. ssp-global.xml is published as a global feed for all photo galleries in the CMS. The format of these feeds is optimized for Slideshow Pro.