Ecommerce Troubleshooting

by Russ Graves | Last edited: 1/13/2009

Frequently when a new site is set up, there are issues with ecommerce. Many times, these are due to incorrect settings in the site ecommerce settings tab, or the right data in the wrong field.

There are also occasionally issues with a merchant account not being fully set up or configured.

For Authorize.Net, the fields should be filled in as follows (Account->settings->API Login ID & Transaction Key)

Gateway User ID: API Login ID from
Gateway Signature/Transaction Key: Transaction Key from
Gateway Email & Gateway Password should be left blank.

For PayPal Pro, the fields should be filled in as follows (from Profile->API Access->View or Remove Credentials):

Gateway User ID: API Username
Gateway Password: API Password
Gateway Signature/Transaction Key: Signature
Gateway Email should be left blank.

Once these fields are confirmed, attempt to run a transaction. If it fails:

Look at the top of the list for the failed transaction. Click the "Not Present" link in the Transaction ID column to view details.

When viewing the details for a failed transaction, there are several fields containing useful information.

For PayPal, the most useful field is the PayPal Pro Long Message. This will often contain the exact details on the issue. Alternately, the PayPal Pro Error Code can be used. Please refer to the Paypal developer guide starting on page 145. Look up the specific error code and determine if there are any resolutions.

For Authorize.Net, the Authorize.Net Response Reason Text often contains useful information. Look up this code on the Developer Guide starting on  page 26 for additional information on codes that may be useful in troubleshooting.

If these steps do not resolve the ecommerce issues, please open a support ticket at for additional assistance.