Ecommerce Testing & Integration

by Russ Graves | Last edited: 1/24/2011

There are several options in the backend for ecommerce testing & integration, in addition to the existing test modes.

Under the site settings Ecommerce tab, there are now options for "Authorize.Net (Developer)" and "PayPal Pro (Developer)."  These allow ecommerce testing against the developer sites for Authorize.Net and PayPal, respectively.

For Authorize.Net, Developer Mode points to their testing site (  Transactions will be run and can be viewed here during development.  This needs to be changed back to the standard Authorize.Net mode (and the proper live credentials inserted) before release.

Additionally, for Authorize.Net, they support "test mode" on both the development and live servers.  This will allow transactions to be run, but will not record them in the database, and will not charge the cards.

Paypal Pro

The PayPal Pro developer mode points to PayPal's sandbox test site (  Similar to the Authorize.Net developer mode, transactions will be recorded here.  Again, before the site goes live, the mode must be switched back to PayPal Pro, and the live credentials must be added.


While in Developer Mode, the following credit card numbers may be used on either site to test transactions without needing an actual credit card.  Simply set the expiration date past the current date, and these will return approvals from the developer sites.

American Express  3700 000000 00002
Discover  6011 0000 0000 0012
MasterCard  5424 0000 0000 0015
Visa  4111 1111 1111 1111