Comments Overview

by Justin Bodeutsch | Last edited: 1/24/2011

Many modules have preformatted comments forms available to them. See each module's API documentation for more details.

If more control is desired over the comments form you can a separate getContent to define the output.

This method is available for sermons, articles, events, and pages.

  "before_show:<div id="commentBox">",
  "before_show:<p id="commentLable"><b>Comments:</b></p>",
  "show_thanks:<p id="thanks"><i><b>Thanks for your post!  As soon as it is approved, it will be shown.</i></b></p>",
  "show:<div class="comment">",
  "show:<p class="byline">On __commentDate format='F dS'__,",
  "show:<strong>__commentName__</strong> said:</p>",
  "after_show:<p class="comments-login"><a href="__loginlink__">Login to post comments</a><p>",