Billing Status

by Chris Ullyott | Last edited: 1/22/2020

MonkCMS supports six account statuses, each known as the Billing Status. The Billing Status allows the developer to:

  • Notify users when their account is past due.
  • Suspend access for non-payment.
  • Take the website offline if it's time to terminate the account.

By default, the Billing Status of a new Site is Unmanaged. To change the Billing Status, go to Admin > Site.

List of Billing Statuses

Here's a description of each Status and what they'll do in the CMS when used.

Code Status Description
0 Unmanaged The account's billing status is not tracked.
1 Active The account is active and billing is current.
2 Past Due The account is past due. Displays a banner notice.
3 Suspended Access to the CMS is suspended. Displays a full-page notice.
4 Terminated Access to the CMS is suspended, and the client website is taken offline.
5 Cancelled The site is offline and ready to be deleted by a systems administrator.

Set Billing Notifications

You can customize the notifications shown in the CMS for each status. To do this, go to Admin > Reseller > Billing Notifications.